UPAS LC Financing

What is UPAS LC

UPAS LC (Usance Letter of credit payable at sight) refers to a letter of credit is similar to a traditional usance letter of credit, the seller is paid on a sight basis upon presenting compliant documentation to the buyer’s bank. Charges and interest of financing bank are paid by the buyer

Why UPAS LC financing is Required

Buyer always wants to buy in credit on the other hand sellers always prefer to sale in cash. UPAS LC is the perfect solution that could accommodate interest of buyer and seller. As seller to be paid at sight but buyer will pay at a future time, so a financing source should be there to finance the transaction for the period starting from when seller receive his payment to when buyer will pay for this purchase.

How Can We Assist Your Business

ITTS maintain working relationship with more than 50 global banks who are interested to finance UPAS LC transactions depending on LC issuing bank, commodity and suppliers domiciled country.

ITTS can offer you a best solution for financing of your UPAS LC at a competitive pricing with simplified execution process.