Synergy For Banks

What is

Synergy a swift certified Trade Service application developed by Pinnacle Solutions Incorporated, USA (PSI)

Synergy Trade Services (TS) is a complete, front-end and back end SWIFT certified solution for Banks for Trade Services and Trade Finance operations. Synergy Trade Services (TS) covers all functional areas of trade services like transaction capture, risk and compliance checking, documentation generation, correspondence, accounting, payment and fee generation.

In addition, the Synergy customer front-end provides your customers a digital connectivity to send and receive messages and documents to bank’s counter.


Synergy Straight through processing and automated compliance process will reduce transaction processing cost by 50%
Synergy enables you to Centralize your trade processing without incurring additional cost for booking new space and relocation of employees.
Synergy will drastically reduce your physical documents achieving cost with effective paper less trade operations.
Synergy will Increase your brand value as well as increase customer engagement by allowing effective digital connectivity to your trade clients