Export Financing

What is Export Financing

Financing the Export transaction for the credit period (that Exporter allowed to Importer/ Buyer) after executing the shipment through discounting of corporate acceptance (in case of export under sales contract) or discounting of Bankers acceptance (incase of export under Usance LC)

Why Export Financing is Required

When companies export products or services where payment terms is credit, can often create working capital challenges. Export finance helps businesses to convert receivables into cash, that would otherwise be tied-up in receivables for whole agreed credit period between buyer and seller.

How Can We Assist Your Business

RMG is the main export items of Bangladesh. Export transactions of RMG has some unique features like small ticket size of transactions, Multiple shipment to single buyers, Buyers are interested to buy through sales contract (Instead of Through LC). ITTS already established strategic relationship with global banks and FIs who have interest and capable to finance export transactions of RMG.

ITTS can arrange export financing at a competitive pricing for your RMG export to your buyers (for most of buyers who signed either ACCORD or ALLIANCE) under sales contract .