Easy Export to BD

What is Easy Export to BD

Easy Export to BD (EEBD) is a complete solution for Documentary Collection Process for export to Bangladesh. Easy Export to BD is an effective tool for Global Exporters to bring more efficiency in collecting export proceeds in terms of time and cost for their Bangladesh export. EEBD will assist Global Exporters to bring more efficiency in different stages of end to end Export collection process starting from monitoring LC issuance by importer/ buyer to Realization of export proceeds.

Why Easy Export to BD?

Efficient execution of Global Trade Transactions is always challenging, specially selling / exporting is more critical as mishandling of export process is deadlier as only outcome of such mishandling is non receipt of sales / export proceeds.Professional management of export process by a group of Professional Global Trade Managers having up to date knowledge of exporting country's rules, regulation and practices of importing country can only minimize the risk of nonpayment / delay payment of export proceeds.

How Easy Export to BD Assist Your Business?

Easy Export to BD is structured to monitor and increase efficiency in every steps of Export collection process to reduce turnaround timing as well as cost to create a direct positive impact on company's ROE.

To know more how Easy Export to BD will assist your business to make your export to Bangladesh more profitable and hassle free